The Science of Social Selling, Part VII

SEO and Your Partner — 3 Keys to Social Selling Success in the Era of the Global Search Engine

Right now, your audience is searching the Internet for products and services just like yours. Are you making the best moves to help them find you?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a well-documented science that makes it easier for your audience to find your website using keywords and phrases. It's a deep digital science that can't be overlooked if you want to point the Internet at you — which we all do.

What I find even more compelling is that your social selling efforts follow the same path of search and discovery. Google indexes social posts in much the same way it indexes websites. While it's still a bit of a mystery how the two interact within the Google algorithm, your website ranking can be increased by the quality and number of social posts that are linked to it.

Following are three ways your social selling efforts will make you more visible and make your corporate website more important in organic search rankings.

1. All your social posts are indexed for search.

In short, search indexing of your social posts can make you more visible — which can put more money in your pockets. By publishing on a regular basis, you're telling the search engines you're somebody important. As your posts get more views, likes, and shares, you'll find yourself going up the ranking in search engine results. The more people see your posts, the more followers you create. Think of it as a digital sales funnel.

2. Your social selling posts improve the authority of your company's website.

Because so much content is distributed by social selling, the credibility — the authority — of your corporate website improves every time you publish. Search engines see a connected digital world. As your website's authority improves, your site traffic increases, making it much more likely to go up in organic search rankings. And, of course, the higher your website's search ranking, the more likely it is that customers will also find your social selling content.

3. Social selling creates new networks of people.

The dark arts of SEO technology can only go so far. Search engines need you to create valuable content that people can share, like, and comment on. In fact, many customers will grade a company by the quality of social posts they find on your corporate site. For a new customer, social selling posts are the fastest way to understand the chemistry and DNA of any company. Social selling is both interactive and individual. It's also the best way to find someone to help you buy something.

Social selling and SEO techniques are not only linked, but they also amplify each other. Understanding how to maximize the impact of your social posts will create more sales opportunities. When art meets science on the Internet, your sales funnel reaps the rewards.

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Theresa Caragol

CEO AchieveUnite

Theresa Caragol is Founder and CEO of Achieve Unite. She has more than 24 years experience in building and managing multi-million-dollar indirect channel teams and strategic alliance business and programs from idea to revenue acceleration, and building companies and channel teams from the ground up. She also holds a number of industry advisory board roles, and has co-founded numerous industry think tanks and industry leadership forums. Theresa is on CompTIA's (Global IT Association)'s faculty and is passionately focused on assisting young people to accelerate their success in the industry. She also started ACE, a leadership by influence program, that rapidly builds women's leadership skills in the channel. Theresa has 2 elementary school boys, lives near Washington DC and is on a mission to visit 15 DC museums with her boys in 2019.