“The PartnerAdvantage program rewards both new, enterprising CommVault partners and those that have steadily invested in their CommVault partnerships over the years.”

–Dave Hiechel, CEO, EAGLE Software, Inc.



CommVault offers PartnerAdvantage™ programs for Technology, Reseller and Professional Services organizations. These programs offer partners the opportunity to work closely with CommVault to deliver superior solutions for Unified Data Management to customers.

Strategic Partners
Strategic Partners are by invitation only. CommVault Strategic Partners work closely with CommVault to deliver fully integrated solutions providing unique value for customers. Strategic Partners include those that resell or OEM CommVault products or sell products with CommVault technology integrated within their solutions.

Reseller Partners
CommVault Reseller Partners include selected VARs from around the world who are committed to providing CommVaults award winning products to customers.

Technology Partners
CommVault Technology Partners include hardware and software companies that have solutions that support or interact with the CommVault products.

Services Partners
CommVault Service Partners include companies that deliver professional services based on CommVault products and solutions.



The following list describes some of the benefits of joining the PartnerAdvantage program:

  • Use of appropriate PartnerAdvantage Logo
  • Presence on the CommVault Website
  • Partner Manager support
  • Discounted Training for PartnerAdvantage members
  • Not for Resale (NFR) software for testing, certification, training
  • Access to CommVault InnerVault website (Reseller Partners only)

Refer to each PartnerAdvantage Program contract for more specific benefits for each program.



The following list describes some of the requirements for joining the PartnerAdvantage program:

PartnerAdvantage™ Technology Partner:

  • Hardware or Software vendor with a product or technology interacting with CommVault Simpana® software or serving as a repository for CommVault controlled data.
  • Completed online PartnerAdvantage application
  • Signed PartnerAdvantage Technology contract
  • Mutual Non Disclosure Agreement (if necessary)

PartnerAdvantage™ Reseller Partner:

  • Reseller vendor with expertise is selling and supporting software products, wishing to add CommVault Simpana® software products to their sales portfolio
  • Completed online PartnerAdvantage application
  • Signed PartnerAdvantage Reseller contract
  • Mutual Non Disclosure Agreement (if necessary)

PartnerAdvantage™ Services Partner:

  • Services vendor with expertise in delivering installation and tuning services wishing to add CommVault Simpana® software services to their portfolio of offerings
  • Completed online PartnerAdvantage application
  • Signed PartnerAdvantage Technology contract
  • Mutual Non Disclosure Agreement (if necessary)


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CommVault PartnerAdvantage Program?

PartnerAdvantage is CommVault's partner program. These programs allow partners to work with CommVault to complete technical certifications, become an authorized reseller, develop expertise to deliver professional services or to create tightly integrated joint solutions. PartnerAdvantage enables partners to take advantage of their relationship with CommVault and our products to improve partner revenue and presence in CommVault customer accounts.

What are the different partner types within the PartnerAdvantage program?

There are 3 PartnerAdvantage programs that partners can join and one program that CommVault can invite partners to join. The three PartnerAdvantage programs include:

  • Reseller Program — Channel partners wishing to resell CommVault products apply to join PartnerAdvantage Reseller
  • Technology Program — Hardware and software companies that have products that interact with CommVault products join the PartnerAdvantage Technology program.
  • Services Program — Professional services organizations that specialize in delivering professional services for software products would join the PartnerAdvantage Services program.

Strategic Partners are invited by CommVault to join the PartnerAdvantage Strategic program. These are typically companies that OEM or Resell CommVault product integrated with their own hardware and software.

Who is eligible for the CommVault PartnerAdvantage Program?

Any partner that fits the program criteria defined above is welcome to apply to join the appropriate CommVault program.

Where can I find more information on CommVault PartnerAdvantage?

Refer to the PartnerAdvantage section of the CommVault website. There is information on program requirements, partner benefits and this FAQ as well as descriptions of each partner program.

Why has CommVault developed the program?

CommVault has experienced tremendous growth. As a result of this success as well as the numerous awards we have received over the last several years, requests to partner with CommVault have multiplied exponentially. To better manage these opportunities CommVault has announced the formation of the PartnerAdvantage program. With this program, we have consolidated various partnering functions within CommVault under one common partnering infrastructure.

What kinds of companies join CommVault PartnerAdvantage?

Companies that have joined include independent hardware vendors (IHVs), independent software vendors (ISVs), system integrators, VARs, and third party service providers.

Does CommVault provide software to members?

Depending on the type of partner, CommVault does make available Not for Resale (NFR) copies of their software for testing and qualification purposes.

Is there a charge for CommVault PartnerAdvantage?

Depending on the type of partnership desired, there may be a nominal fee to cover the costs of supporting the partnering effort. Refer to the specific contract for each partnership type to determine if there is a cost associated.

Do I have to renew my membership in PartnerAdvantage?

Each membership is renewable annually.

I have a technology that I want to integrate with CommVault, how do I do this?

First, you join the PartnerAdvantage Technology program. Once you have completed compatibility testing to CommVault and your satisfaction, your product is now CommVault Qualified™. This level of certification tells the IT world that your product works with CommVault. If your product has special features that would require specific development by either CommVault or yourself, you would pursue entry into the CommVault Developer™ segment of the PartnerAdvantage Technology program. This segment requires more commitment from both CommVault and the partner and typically requires a business case phase where each party determines the revenue impact of the development work for both partners.